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Coocos Dsgn is a Finnish women’s wear collection containing dresses, blouses, skirts and trousers. Garments are made using high quality materials; natural fibers or fabrics which create alone interesting surfaces, structures to make the clothes to look unique. The collection is inspired by the world around us but also by the fashion trends and retro styles of old times. The focus of fashion design is however, a modern woman, her body, her dreams and the styles she fancies.

We have given up making various sizes to the web store, because we want to do our part of sustainability, to make sure we do not make clothes in vain. We have some of the styles in stock but some not. If you like or even fall in love with one of our garments and you would like to have it for yourself, please send us an email to and we make it for you or we have it in the stock.


because labour force and a lot of natural resources are needed when manufacturing clothes. Just cotton is cultivated in 100 countries and its cultivation covers 2,5 % of all tillable land on earth. Cultivation uses also a lot of water. If the present clothes consumption is going on like this there is a threat of running out of tillable land. The carbon footprint of the fashion industry is large.

Coocos Dsgn wants to support sustainable development: our clothes are made geographically close, in Finland or in Estonia. Production is made in little pleasant studios where employees are…

At first people are always looking at clothes, - it is also a law we have to accept even we would like to rebel against it.

Mika Waltari

SUMMer feeling and summer colors!

Lace dress

Either in bright yellow or in light blue, has a lot of details!


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